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Seriously...Email Signatures

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Ok, so everyone knows what an email signature is right? For those that don't, its the text at the bottom of every email we receive from business's that has the senders name, position, phone, fax, email, etc (company contact details). In my experience, most company's don't take this very seriously and quite often if you receive emails from different people at the same company, their emails signatures will have a completely different look and are branded differently. Then there are email signatures that look like, well......not professional!

In a previous blog post I spoke about the importance of your website, titled: "How do business's find you? Google of course!" In this post I showed how your website is usually the first experience your clients have with your brand, and as such is absolutely critical to your business.

I know, I know.....this blog post is about email signatures not websites! If your website is not the first experience your clients and potential new clients have with your business, then your email's and in particular your email signatures are the first visual branding experience they have with your business. This is why a professionally designed and correctly coded email signature is imperative to the success of your business. Additionally, making sure that every staff member has the exact same email signature that looks the same is also a major part of your companies branding. Take a moment to open up your email client and look at your email signature and access it. Then open up recent emails that you have received from your staff members. Do your email signatures look professional? Are all of your staff's email signatures the same?

Do your email signatures look professional? Are all of your staff's email signatures the same? Do you want professional help to brand your business the right way? Why not contact Inspire Media today and we will help you with your email signatures today!

Having a professionally branded, correctly coded, and consistent branding for all staff email signature is just the start of what you can do with email signatures today. Below is my personal email signature that is at the bottom of all my emails. I invite you to post any comments below on what you think about it. What I would like you to do, is to "click on my email signature" and carefully watch what happens:

What should happen, is that when someone clicks on my email signature it takes you to a 'targeted landing page' that has a custom message. You could potentially sent up multiple different email signatures in your email client, and attach a different email signature depending of the type of client/business you are emailing. Each different email signature would link to a different 'targeted landing page' that can have different specific targeted messages for the different types of clients/business's that you email.Your email signatures are potentially the 'first visual experience' a potential new client has with your business and your brand. They could also be linked to a 'targeted landing page with a customized message! ALL of this is traceable in Google Analytics (and most ther website tracking softwares), and you can also go even further and have web forms on your targeted landing page, that once filled out, the details will automatically be sent to your companies CRM software as a new lead that was generated from a custom email signature. There is so much more that can be done, but I'll leave you with my statistics about email signatures:

  • You can use email signatures to increase your sales
  • Update your customers about the latest company news
  • Easily promote your company social profiles - Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Include ad banners
  • Marketing taglines
  • Latest company products and services
  • Legal disclaimers
  • Green footers and more...

Please take some time to consider this:
If your organization has 30 employees, each sending 15 emails daily, then your brand sends over 150,000 (!!!) emails annually. Each one of these emails is a potential ad impression & a business card of your business.... If you have 100 employees, that’s more than 500,000 (!!!) annual ad impressions of your business - can you really afford missing this marketing opportunity?

Today email is the #1 business communication tool. Here are some statistics you should be aware of:

  • An average corporate user sends 34 emails in a day
  • A company of 10 employees sends around 10 thousand emails in a month
  • A company of 500 sends around half a million emails in a month

All of these show the potential that outgoing corporate emails hold to be a simple, cost effective and yet powerful marketing and branding platform for your company, that you could be using to generate leads and sales!.

Based on the above statistics, and assuming a click-thru of 1%:

  • A company of 10 employees can get around 100 clicks in a month
  • A company of 500 employees can get around 5,000 clicks in a month

Simply by making use of your very own employees' email communications, you can effectively turn your staff-force into a grassroots marketing force.

Inspire Media makes it easy for you to have the above mentioned types of email signatures, having both text and image banner ads right within your employees' email signature.

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