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Tuesday, 09 October 2012 06:20

So you've got a website, the money starts rolling in right? WRONG! - PART 1

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I come across this phenomenon quite regularly. There seems to be this assumption that if you build a website and set it live online, then all you have to do is sit back in your chair and wait until the phone starts ringing and the money starts poring in. Things just don't work this way!

Lets compare this to something every business owner can relate to. The above statement is the same as saying, "Wow, I just registered my ABN or registered my Pty Ltd, my phone is now going to start ringing and I will have more business than I can handle. You and I both know business doesn't work like this, we know that you have to actively be promoting and working on your business every single day. We have to network with people, we have to get on the phone to spread the word, we have to go to networking events and expos to let people know that your business exists........how else will anyone know that you and your business exists?

Then the Internet came, and we could build websites and people could search on google to find our business. Well, today everyone has a website, so how is your website going to stand out from the rest? The answer is the same as the above example, you have to work at it. The trouble today is that nearly every business owner built there business in a very similar fashion to the example I gave above, without the use of digital technology and websites or this thing called 'digital marketing'. We both know that you have to be actively promoting and working on your business every single dayThis is one reason why it's so hard for a lot of business people to understand and adapt to this new way of building a business, it's new (well, it really isn't new) and most business owners are still trying to grasp how to use their email! If you are one of these business owners that is still struggling with email, I am sorry to say that the digital world of business has progressed way past email and the Microsoft Office suite (word, excel, outlook, etc). This I believe is also what scares many business owners, is that technology changes so quick, thàt they don't know what to spend their time and money on. If this is you, please send me an email or give me a call, Inspire Media can help, even if its for an obligation free conversation.

Ok, so how do you use your brand new website? There is way to much to tell you and write in just one blog post. What I will do is break down the answers to this question into a series of blog posts over the next few months. If you wold like to be notified when the next blog post comes out, please sign up to my mailing list below and you will be notified hot of the blog!

I will leave you with the first key to success in the digital age, "Building your website and getting it live online is only 5% of the job done"! Over the next few months you will have a greater understanding of how you can use current technologies to grow your business and generate more sales leads.

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